It’s Time to Take a Vacation

Tag along with me and discover how to have a successful career and still travel often. Find better balance in life, work, and play. I am an author, adventure traveler, volleyballer, biker, hiker, golfer, and yogi…I prefer life NOT on the couch. My job as a travel writer is to be an ambassador for increasing travel dosage, not work hours, and to inspire you to take the trip. 

West Michigan is home base for me to write and co-own FineLine Creative, a digital marketing company founded in 2003. In the blog and just released book, Travel Light discover trip ideas, people, adventure and twists/turns that will make you laugh. Come with me and travel your way to happy. Click here for BOOK SPECIAL OFFERS!

A Travel Tease

Read chapter teasers from this fun and motivational travel memoir. New Book Release, Travel Light - Regular People Go on Adventures Too.

New Bern, NC – Coastal Hospitality

Big things come in small-town packages. New Bern, North Carolina is the shiny gem in a small velvet box - open it up and discover the appeal, both on the surface and underneath. The intercoastal and ocean views are the shiny gem exterior, but the friendly locals are the interior and soul of the town. Friendly is an understatement here… you feel taken care of. For example, Natasha at Prohibition,...

Spring Thaw Pedal

Drip…. Drip…. Drip…. I am in my office, tapping keys to the rhythm of the snowmelt dripping off the roof and soaking into the saturated ground. The birds are back, too, even Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. Their calls mix in with the drip, and a chorus begins, announcing the arrival of spring. The Mitten can’t thaw fast enough, though. My two-wheeled steed is racked in the garage and ready.  I...