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I am no Bill Bryson, I am not a critically acclaimed travel author and I have no awards to tout. This past November, my first book was officially published after years of working on the project in my spare time. It’s a compilation of true travel tales that I hope will inspire a few people to get off the couch and explore the world we live in. The book idea started with some simple hand-written journals where I recorded trip details and adventures from places close by and far away.

The book is not just about travel though… I want to do a little good, other than for myself. Something changed about halfway through the process of writing the manuscript. I wanted to find a way to turn my book project into something that wasn’t simply self-serving. So, now the book has a mission. I made a deal with myself to write and publish a book, and if it made a profit that I would commit to giving 50% of it away. So far, I spent just under $4000 of personal money to write, edit, publish and print the first edition of I’ve Gotta Pack.

I have a ways to go before I can cover all the expenses, but after doing some simple math I determined, that I only need to sell around 250 books to break even. Then at 300, with a small profit, I could start writing small checks to charitable organizations. I have given quite a few copies away to friends and family, especially those who have inspired me in life and exploration. But, I am learning not to be afraid to ask you to BUY the book so the mission has hopes of coming to fruition.

So, buy a copy and help me become a philanthropist. Or, buy it because you are passionate about travel and you are looking for ideas. Buy it because you like honest and funny accounts of what really happens on vacations. Buy it because you want to learn more about the world we live in. Buy it because you want to explore and you have deserved a get-away for a long time! Time to pack, don’t you think!!

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