Tuesday Is The New Friday

I have a friend who reminds me it’s OK to have fun on a weekday. Why do we have to wait for Friday or Saturday to have fun? It’s a great reminder to find some spontaneity during the workweek and stay out of the trap of working for the weekend. There are a lot more weekdays than weekend days in our lifetime so it only makes sense to put more significant focus on creating the most awesome Tuesdays ever.

Routines suck and they suck the life out of us. All of sudden, we settle into…let’s have chicken on Monday, fish on Tuesday, go to pilates on Wednesday and binge watch TV shows on Thursday. Then a year goes by that you can never get back. A rut has officially taken over and you haven’t been away from home in months, maybe years. You’ve punched the auto-pilot button. The zest for life is lost at an unsatisfying job, relationship, living situation or social life. You forgot to grow, to change, to try something new. Be aware, your soul cannot survive a rut. Anti-rut medicine has a label that reads: change, get up off the sofa, do something, set a goal or go somewhere new. Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do you eat at the same restaurant(s)?
  2. Are you afraid to try something new?
  3. How much TV are you watching in a week? (more than 14 hours….eeek!)
  4. Do you find facebook stalking is more fun than actually meeting a friend and having a real conversation?
  5. Is going to Meijer or the grocery store a social outing?
  6. When is the last time you did something special for your spouse or S.O.?
  7. Do you lack enthusiasm at your work or activities?
  8. Have you become a pessimist and adopted a can’t do attitude?

Maybe this will help by providing some perspective. Mary Oliver the poet wrote, “What will you do with your one, wild and precious life?”

What will you do next Tuesday?

People are like trees- we’re either growing or in the process of dying. You have 4000 weeks (weekdays and weekends) in your lifetime. Jot down a bucket list of travel, goals or experiences.

Be selfish, try exercise, or a new experience. Read or invest in your education. Let go of something stagnant in your life and create new space. What are you holding onto? Bring gratitude into your life and jot down what you are truly grateful for.

As a travel writer, my secret to avoiding the rut is planning a trip or a weekend adventure. And, it can be close to home especially with Lake Michigan in the backyard. I’ve learned to live in the moment and value experiences and memories over things.

But, let’s start simple, with next Tuesday. Skip the break room inside and trade it in for a sandwich at Pere Marquette beach in Muskegon. In between bites, gaze across at that 90 miles of Lake Michigan blue. It’s inspiring and the sandwich is not bad either because the change of scenery is like a free condiment. The rest of your day will go well because you’ve breathed in some fresh air. Go home later and stretch your mind and legs or better yet, ride your bike (take the kids if you have them) to the local library and pick out a book (non-fiction for extra credit). Read the book, learn something new, write down a new recipe idea so you can ditch fish on Tuesdays. Later, when you are brushing your teeth, smile back at the mirror with the realization that Tuesday can be the new Friday.

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