Moving Memories

I moved into my condo in 2003, so 13 years is plenty of time for random accumulations of clutter to happen. In preparation for the move, an organizational purge is in progress as I peer in the corner of my closets, in the junk drawer or in the cobwebby corners of my garage. I discovered lots of items I don’t need in my life, now collected in bins and pillow cases ready for donation centers. Much like my philosophy on travel and life: adventures, experiences, relationships and memories are the only things that make me rich, certainly not my stuff. Contemplating my clutter, I had two choices. Put it in a box to save for the move or bag it for giveaways. Each item had a message and memory to remind me of an adventurous and intriguing past.

Here are a few items I discovered:

Halloween costumes: An assless scrub uniform and naughty doctor coat, complete with red gloves and shot syringe

Alma College & Winthrop University Volleyball sweatshirts (XL’s – baggy was in for the 90’s)

Rollerblades (the insoles partially eaten by mice)

Photo albums with pictures of my ex-husband

Ann Taylor navy-blue suit jacket with padded shoulders

A feathery red boa

20+ TYR bathing suits all with failing elastic

Franklin planner insert pages in a 1998 binder

A copy of a review from a past agency employer

Decorative glassware: a set of ice cream and banana boat dishes

CD’s- boxes of them. Def Leppard, Sheryl Crowe, The Dixie Chicks, John Legend, Joss Stone, Madonna, No Doubt, Lenny Kravitz, Bare Naked Ladies and more.

5K race bib from the Muddy Buddy in Chicago, 2005

Deflated Spaulding leather beach volleyballs

A stuffed box of my book-chapter drafts and rewrites

Now, it’s February 2017, more change is in my future including a new house and a husband, who also has plenty of stuff. New experiences and memories await and 2500 square feet with plenty of nooks and corners to store the next batch of clutter.

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