A Trip to Italy

I ran into a friend (and customer of FineLine) the other day at a Muskegon Chamber event. We shook hands and he smiled and told me he had ordered two copies of my book. “Great,” I said. He told me he was really enjoying reading it but then he changed tone and said he was also disappointed…

I was crushed… did I write something that offended him?

He then turned to me again, smiled, and said, “I kept reading and looking forward to the chapter about your trip to Italy and Tuscany, but I never found it.” He was in fact correct, there is not a chapter in I’ve Gotta Pack about Italy.
I returned his grin and explained that the Italy trip would be included in the sequel. We both laughed and I realized, I had told him about the trip in one of our previous project meetings at his office. So, now you know – an Italy and Wine Tour chapter will be part of book two. And, just to tease you a little bit, I will include the details of an amazing cooking class I attended in Montalcino. I have started working on the manuscript but (my friend mentioned above) and you all will have to wait until 2013 for the next book. Plus, I really need to sell a few more of the first edition first to finance my writing habit.

Cheers to looking forward…

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