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Travel Light - Regular People Go on Adventures Too

by Laura R. Holmes

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Product Description
8 x 8" soft cover with French flaps, 285 pages, full-color photographs throughout
First edition, travel/adventure/motivational memoir
Published in 2020 by: Content Queens LLC
Project Coordination by Jenkins Group Inc.
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Learn how to travel your way to happy!

This memoir explores the lighter side of travel with doses of humor, adventure, and personal transformation. Vacations need not be exclusive to the wealthy; regular people go on adventures too. Travel Light proves that travel and new experiences will make you laugh and provide increased levels of happiness. For overworked people around the world, tag along on this quest to achieve balance in life, work, and play. Destination stories include Italy, Ireland, Spain, France, Alaska, Arizona and of course the author’s home state of Michigan.

“Travel blogger Holmes (I’ve Gotta Pack, 2011) encourages travelers to leave their stress behind in this motivational memoir… Almost everyone wishes that they could travel more, but so few people are able to make it a priority. With the omnipresent stresses of work and family, it can be easy to put off desired travel unless someone gives you a friendly shove, as the author attempts to do here. Holmes is an affable, if idiosyncratic, tour guide… and by making clear how much fun she had and how much she cherishes her memories, she’ll instill a powerful desire in the hearts of readers to do similar things with their own friends and family members. Indeed, by the end of the first chapter, some readers may start planning excursions of their own. A lighthearted travel book that encourages through example.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Travel Light – Regular People Go On Adventures Too takes you on one woman’s delightful and adventurous journey traveling the globe all while learning, growing, laughing, and experiencing the gift that only travel provides.”

— Kasie Smith, West Michigan Woman Magazine

“Holmes fills these stories with rich, juicy details about heart-pounding, sweat-drenched hiking, biking, golfing, paddling, fishing, skiing and backpacking excursions….”

Blueink Review

“With her exuberant memoir, Travel Light, Laura R. Holmes shows how she went from being overworked to enjoying the fun, transformative power of travel, all without breaking the bank…Lighthearted and chatty, the book is filled with tales of close-to-home adventures and misadventures.

— Foreword Clarion Reviews

I’ve Gotta Back

I’ve Gotta Pack

by Laura R. Holmes

Product Description
Perfect Paperback, 160 pages, 6 x 9″
First edition, travel/memoir
Published in 2012 by: Content Queens LLC
Project Coordination by Jenkins Group Inc.
Paperback $14.95
Kindle e-book $2.99

Stories of travel, adventure and fun!

Through these pages you will journey alongside Laura and her travel companions, as they hike to the peaks of Kilimanjaro, Africa and Machu Picchu, Peru. She skis through blizzards, breathes in the big air in Alaska, gets wet in Costa Rica, and relives some family adventures... you will finish the book already planning your own adventure. The stories are expressed with equal parts sensitivity and verve, providing a terrific read and a good rainy day book for all armchair travelers, and wild women and men everywhere.

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