Travel or a Turkey

Thanksgiving comes around once a year and many of us look forward to preparing and enjoying a plate full of the succulent bird and delicious fixings. (Skip intro if you are a vegan or vegetarian and replace with a spinach salad of kale smoothie). There’s a lot of apprehension and sweaty underarms to actually get to the moment, where the bird is on the family dinner table. Not to mention, doing this once a year, ramps up the expectations, both for those savoring each bite and the ones who prepared it.

If we had turkey more often would it taste as good? And, would the cook lose less sleep over the pressure? When you finally sit down to eat, are you relieved or excited? Or even hungry at all considering all the other available options you’ve nibbled on? Are the five bites dipped in homemade gravy worth the sleep you missed perfecting the perfect marinade? Was the whole process worth the resentment you feel because your spouse or kids did not help with the meal? Maybe if we cooked a turkey 2-3 times a year, we could diffuse all the stress and expectation to craft the perfect meal!

Let’s explore a theory: Cooking a turkey along with the preparation of a Thanksgiving meal AND taking an annual vacation are much the same. Do either of them just once a year and be prepared to stress over it, rather than enjoying a well-deserved break or a sublime tasty moment. Do it more often, diffuse the “pressure cooker” and bask in the moment(s) and the feeling of enjoyment leading up to a relaxing or adventurous holiday.

My friend Laura (the other Laura) put it best and was my inspiration for a new theory: EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE A VACATION MORE OFTEN THAN ONCE A YEAR, AND YES YOU DESERVE IT. I had just returned from a long ski weekend out west and she commented on how fun it all sounded, after I described the trip details. She then said to me, “Traveling for you is like second nature because you do it all the time. For me, it’s like cooking a Thanksgiving turkey and being nervous, because I only do it once a year!” I promised her I would keep inviting her on getaways and that together we would figure out way for her… not to make turkey out of travel.

Ok, Ok… traveling or taking a vacation is expensive and how can you afford two, three or even four weeks of vacation away from home annually? I am so glad you asked. There are lots of ways to cut corners, save on flights and lodging and make vacation affordable. Or, put a tent up in your own back yard and create your own adventure. Here is once such resource to get you thinking:

9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

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