Book Bombed

I was in Barnes & Noble the other day at lunch, happily perusing the travel section and gathering ideas about where I want to go next! I found Michael Crichton’s memoir called, Travels and also the latest Traveler’s Tales anthology called, Leave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana. They both looked promising and chocked full of exotic destinations and tips. Then, in search of a third choice to review over a bad bowl of soup at the café, I was lured by an oversized pink-colored book tucked in the corner shelf. I pulled it out to examine it more closely and read the title: Penthouse Forum, Uncensored Erotica! I grinned sheepishly, looked around me in a quick sweep and realized, I had been BOOK BOMBED.

Has this ever happened to you?

Of course, I could not resist and I opened it to a random spot in the middle and read a section. It was indeed uncensored prose. I realized if I read much more, something else was going to be hotter than a bowl of soup! I almost laughed out loud at the unexpected reading material in my hands and again looked around me for a lurking book bomber watching my every move.

No one in sight.

I thought to myself… Why put erotica in the travel section? Aren’t travelers adventurous by nature already? And, if the book bomber really wanted to get a reaction, why not put the same pink book in the history section or perhaps in the religious studies area? I wonder if there is a book of poems tucked away in the video game section or maybe even some unsuspecting reader will find an Italian cookbook in the fitness section. Oh my.

In the end, I did not choose a third book for my lunch break. But, I did tuck the pink book back where I had found it so the next unsuspecting travel reader would find it, just as I did. Perhaps they would like the surprise. My parting thought as I walked away with my two books towards the café… did I just become a book bomber myself?

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